Request for VIP

Rudra Aarogyam Japan


Dear Sir.

We will share your precious time with your dear ones. We will give only to you who are suitable as VIP

Please spend a luxurious time until your return flight.

Rudra Aarogyam Japan


Let's switch to Signal

Lately I've been using Signal to keep the chats on my iPhone private. I'd like you to install it too, so we can be confident that only you and I can read our messages or hear our calls.

Signal is available for iPhones and Android. Get it here:

Signal works like your existing messaging app. We can send pictures and video, make calls, and start group chats. The best part is, no one else can see any of it, not even the people who make Signal!

You can read more about Open Whisper Systems, the people who make Signal, here: