World Yoga and Naturopathy Doctors association 

Friends this is universal or global group for specially who love yoga and Naturopathy associated with spiritual touch ,so our aim and objectives very clear that we want make universal /global plate form for lover of yoga Naturopathy with spiritual touch ,also patient who love to this healing with life style management system, your all well come for posts in any languages ,no negative thought s, you can participate with soul thanks vande matram 


Dr.Sunil Mehta ji (Ph.D ) Bhavnagar Gujarat India 

This "RUDRA AAROGYAM" is based on the association RUDRA AAROGYAM formed by Ayurvedic doctors led by Dr. Suni Mehta, a doctor of Ayurveda in India 🇮🇳, Gujarat.

RUDRA is God

AAROGYAM is a Sanskrit word meaning "overall happiness" and "mind and body, stable spirit".

Medical care is roughly divided into "therapeutic medicine" and "preventive medicine", and the center of modern medical care is therapeutic medicine. Preventive medicine is medicine for studying and preventing the outbreak of illness and improving physical and mental health. It is less likely to get sick than to cure it after getting sick. It is a medicine based on the idea of ​​"building the mind and body, that is, preventing illness and maintaining good health." Comprehensive medical examination and health examinations are also preventive medicines, and traditional medicines such as Ayurveda also have preventive medicine. Doctors are particularly focused on preventive medicine, which is the fundamental idea of ​​Ayurveda, through "yoga" and "natural food".